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cunkuzaynmusluman asked: I'm in love with your fallen edits ! Love you. *More fallen edits please*
Thank you! 
I’ll make other fan made!
I now have in mind to do something for “Teardrop”

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thank you!

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Phone covers

Lucinda Price
Love Never Dies
Inspired by Alphonse Mucha

In The Beginning; Helston, England September 1854

"He watched as the cloud passed over her face. For a moment he saw a spark of recognition growing in her eyes. Then there was nothing at all."


Taylor Swift

The King has control of New Orleans

The originals
"Nos omnia perdetu el eam.”


The Vampire Diaries
We were born to die

inspired by (x)

laragazzadagliocchigrandi asked: Oddio sono bellissimi i tuoi disegni!!

grazie mille! :)

"True love prevails, universe be damned!"

Game of Thrones Map

Westeros & Essos

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oww thank you so much! *^*

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He is Back.